1-40-10 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku

Get transported to a vintage American diner as soon as you step foot inside Fungo. Burgers, sandwiches and all the usual sides are present, so enjoy!
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Open daily 9am-1am (LO midnight)
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Delivery available.

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Editorial Review


Published on March 24th, 2006

When we entered the smallish dining room for the first time one sunny Saturday afternoon, we had the sensation that we’d walked into a New York City diner. Old time jukebox music played at a comfortable level, and the cream and steel-blue walls lined with Miro prints transported us to younger days in our native US. Japanese families and hip young couples filled up the smattering of tables, thoroughly enjoying what we always think of as fun comfort food—and maybe that’s where the name comes in.

We were immediately seated at a small wooden table for two and began perusing the menu. It consisted of a large variety of hot and cold sandwiches, salads, soups and side dishes, many of which, like the hot pastrami, corned beef and BLT had us crossing our fingers that these favorites would live up to our expectations—i.e. no cod roe on the burger. We took our chances and ordered a bacon cheeseburger (¥1,400) and a hot pastrami sandwich (¥1,200). Both had a choice of white, graham, rye or Parisian bread and red cheddar, Monterey Jack or Emmental cheese; it was a nice touch.

With our stomachs growling and thinking the portions would be Tokyo sized, we also ordered a bowl of gumbo (¥800). This turned out to be a huge bowl big enough for two, and we were nearly full after finishing every last bit of the slightly spicy soup chockablock with big chunks of chicken and vegetables, so much better—and bigger—than we expected. 

When our cheeseburger with the works (including crunchy dill pickles) and hot pastrami sandwich arrived, our eyes widened, but they looked so delicious we sighed as we prepared to tuck in. The waitress pointed to a napkin holder with sheets of parchment closed on two sides to form a pocket, the kind in old-fashioned burger joints back home. And the parchment proved necessary; as we bit into the hearty sandwich with thick, Canadian-style bacon, cheddar cheese, all the trimmings and a graham bun, juice, ketchup and mayonnaise came streaming out.

On a subsequent visit we sampled the hot roast beef sandwich (¥1,000), which we turned into a lunch set that included a simple green salad and choice of drink for an extra ¥300. This time we also indulged in the light and crispy onion rings (¥350). And once again, we weren’t disappointed.

Fungo also has delivery and outdoor café seating that no doubt will be filled with patrons—and their puppies, which can choose from the dog menu—as the weather warms up; no doubt we will be joining them.