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The average rating from the community
The type of cuisine the restaurant offers
The area in which the restaurant is
The times the restaurant is open
The average price
An English menu is available
There is English-speaking staff
Pets are allowed


You can write reviews of restaurants and bars that you like (or don’t like) as well as rank them.

You have to log in to write a review and your email address and password are required.

Your reviews are posted immediately to the site. Offensive or inappropriate reviews may result in your losing your registration and other site usage rights.

Adding a restaurant

You can add a restaurant/bar that is not yet in the database by clicking on "Add New".

You have to register to join the site - the first time you join, a password will be supplied to the email address that you register with.

You have to log in to add a restaurant/bar, and your email address and password are required.

Newly suggested restaurants/bars are put in a queue for review by the website administration staff.

When you add a new restaurant/bar, you can also rank it and review it at the same time, so that even though the submission is queued, your comments will appear automatically once your submission has been approved.


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